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Got banned and want to appeal for an unban?

If you want to write an appeal, visit this site.
If you did break the rules it's always best to be honest about it, that way you have the best chances to be unbanned.
Be careful to not accidentally send your message when writing the header.
If you don't admit to breaking the rules or want to shorten your ban, you can always buy an unban under

Remember that the ones who read appeals (Gabik, Chris, Joel, Larzo, G0ODEST, predii) dont always have time to work on the appeals as we all have different tasks as well as a social life (most of us).

How can I get a Youtuber or Grandmaster rank?

If you want to know something about our media ranks, visit this site.

Is alting allowed?

Using alt accounts is only bannable whenever you use it to give yourself an unfair advantage by for example transferring abilities from one account to the other. Playing on different accounts seperately won't get you banned as long as you don't join with an absurd amount of different accounts -> Note that sharing accounts and especially public alts will most likely increase your alt count as others can use them too so try to stick to accounts you own yourself.

Can I use Paysafecards to pay in the store?

Yes, select Paymentwall and go to the next page.

Is there an overview of every ability?

Yes, if you want to get a full list including every single ability, please visit this site.

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