PvPDojo Rules


The network Administrators hold the right to ban or remove any player for any reason that they think is fair.


Cheat Clients:

Cheat clients of any sort are strictly forbidden on the network.



First Offense: 30 day Ban 

Second Offense: Permanent Ban 


Unapproved Mods:

Using unapproved mods within the network will result in a temporary ban - anything that gives you an unfair advantage. 


  • Damage Indicator (Shows hearts of Survivors)

  • ToggleSneak (Being inside your inventory while sneaking)

  • Any sort of minimap (Unfair overview of terrain and players in HG)



First Offense: 30 day Ban 

Second Offense: Permanent Ban 


Lying to Staff:

Lying to PvPDojo staff has consequences. Always be honest to prevent harder punishments. 

Don’t lie to us or waste our time.



Stricter Punishment


Inappropriate Chat Content / Spam:

Inappropriate chat content, toxicity, racism, etc. is not tolerated on PvPDojo.

This includes death threats such as “kill yourself”. 

Saying anything in a sarcastically/joking manner or NOT will still result in the same punishment.



All Offenses: Your ban/mute will be decided by a staff member, note that multiple offenses automatically increase mute time.


Exploiting a Bug or Glitch:

If you are caught exploiting any sort of bug/glitch for your personal gain or to disrupt the server and it's players you will be punished. Failure to report bugs or glitches and/or the continual use of these bugs or glitches will result in punishment.



All Offenses: A staff member will choose the amount of time you will be banned based on what occurred. 


Threats of DDoSing/Doxing:

Threats of DDoSing and “Doxing” are strictly prohibited. These are serious issues and are not taken lightly by the community or PvPDojo Staff.



All Offenses: Permanent Ban 


Auto Clicking / Macros:

Using any third party applications to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. This also includes modifying your mouse to double click.



First Offense: 30 day Ban 

Second Offense: Permanent Ban 



Posting another server's name,  IP or domain in chat with the intent to have players join that server.

Posting your stream link in chat is not forbidden as long as you don’t spam and your content is related to PvPDojo.



First Offense: Permanent Ban 


Items Selling for IRL Money:

Trying to sell items on the network for real money is disallowed.



First Offense: Permanent Ban 


Camping / Running:

Purposely stalling fights, which includes camping and running away constantly. 

(This now does include HG aswell)



First Offense: Kick/Removal of Kit

Second Offense: Temporary Ban



You are not allowed to abuse alternate accounts or accounts of your friends to give yourself an unfair advantage.

Using different accounts in order to evade a ban will be banned automatically.

Note that playing on different accounts is not forbidden as long as you don’t abuse your account in an unfair manner.

Attention: You may only play ranked with one account. If you ignore this rule, you will be punished with a seven-day ban and an elo-reset.



First Offense: Permanent Ban 


Stats or Elo Boosting / Manipulation:

Boosting elo or stats is not allowed, using multiple accounts to play ranked can lead to an Elo Reset.


All Offenses: 1 week temporary ban + Elo reset



Teaming in Classic or other FFA areas will result in a temporary ban.

Teaming with cheaters to boost stats is not allowed.

Teaming in HG with Anti-Teaming Kits may also result in a punishment.



Teaming in FFA areas: 2-24 hour Ban 

Teaming with cheaters: Permanent Ban 



Logging out mid combat to create an advantage or not get killed may result in a punishment.



All Offenses: 1-6 hour temporary ban


Inappropriate Name or Skin:

Using an inappropriate username or skin will result in a ban.



First Offense: 30 day Ban 

Appealable on Name/Skin change


Use common sense - If you think you are breaking a rule, you most likely are (even if not stated within the rules). Ask a staff member to decide.


These rules are guidelines and are by no means comprehensive. Staff can choose to impose punishment as they see fit and are not required to strictly adhere to the times shown below.

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